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February 14-15, 2019

Startup Walk Chennai

Startup Walk Chennai is a city-wide open house for technology companies and Innovation Driven Enterprises.
Check out the spaces, meet the founders and get a behind-the-scenes look
at the most innovative companies in Chennai and the research entities that are driving them.

Ecosystems are not curated like gardens. They grow like Forests. Let's take a walk!

Join us on 14th & 15th of February 2019 (Thursday/Friday) to meet the founders, companies and
new technology that is shaping India’s future.

Note : You can choose to participate on either of the days or on both days

Registrations are now OPEN


Meet a diverse range of the ecosystem - be it early stage startups, fast growing companies, incubators, accelerators, R&D Institutes and coworking spaces.

Talks by Startup Founders

Hear inspiring stories and talks by Startup Founders on what makes them and their startup tick, how they got started, and what keeps them going.

Guided and Curated Tour

Don't worry about logistics or where to get started. We have buses arranged to take you around to each of these offices and spaces, and bring you right back.


Participation is open to all, with a "commitment" fee, just so that we know you are really coming!

Note : For Group Passes (10 and above participants) write us an email at

Are you an Early or Growth Stage Startup, Coworking Space, or R&D Firm
that would like to be part of the Trail of Startup Walk?

Startups, Companies & Spaces of 2019

A glance at those participating in this city-wide open office event.

  • Siam Computing

    Khuzema Siam

  • SPI Cinemas

    Ratheesh Krishnan

  • OrangeScape

    Suresh Sambandam

  • Unmetric

    Vikram Ravi

  • Klenty

    Praveen Kumar

  • NotionPress

    Naveen ValsaKumar

  • Inkmonk

    Isaac Wesley

  • Ydeology

    Kumar Sachi

  • WSquare

    Jinal Patel

  • Centre for Innovation

  • Flintobox

    Arun Duraiprasad


We plan the schedule for you - Two days where we meet the startups from the city on day one and check out whats happening within IIT Madras on day two. Followed by a Networking Event on the second day.

Day 01 begins at 9:00am at the starting point. We get introduced and hop onto a bus of our choice and get started. Over the course of the day you will visit 3-5 startup offices, coworking spaces and technology companies - some small, some large, some overflowing. You will get to spend anywhere between 30 - 45 mins in each org. Post which you'd hop back on the bus and continue the journey.Post the journey, all the participants will be dropped off at the starting point.

On Day 02 we are planning on visiting IIT Madras with a focus on research. Post the Trail there is a networking meet planned for the participants of the walk in the evening. Invitations will be made to the startups in the ecosystem for the participants to connect with.

Participants can choose to attend either one of the days or both days


  • Route #1: OrangeScape, Unmetric, Klenty, Startup Warehouse, YDeology, Flintobox
  • Route #2: SPI Cinemas, Inkmonk, Notionpress, Siam computing, WSquare


We will be visiting the Centre for Innovation - a student run Maker Lab in IIT Madras that is behind many of the student startups that have emerged (including a team working on the hyperloop), and making some stops to see some of the R&D facilities in the campus.

POST-EVENT Networking @ 6:30PM

Post the Walk, you can join us for the Post-Event Networking, where the participants and the founders of participating startups, companies and spaces will be present. Mingle, continue the conversation over refreshments and snacks!
We have limited spots for the networking event and hence will be on first come, first serve basis.

Starting Point

As has been the custom in the past three editions, We will all form an ensemble at the starting point by 9:00am SHARP. After introductions, we split into our respective route buses and get going by 9:15am.

Location : Besant Nagar / SPI Cinemas (Royapettah)

Emergency Contact

The Startup Centre
044 32299601


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